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Recent book by Dr. Messina:

Dr. Messina has written a narrative nonfiction memoir about what it was like to train in Chicago's toughest medicine programs. It is called The Spattered White Coat. Check it out.

Recent book chapter by Dr. Messina

- Evaluation of the Headache Patient in the Computer Age (Chapter), by Edmund Messina MD, in Headache and Migraine: Biology and Management, Elsevier, 2015.

Recent Lecture by Dr. Messina

-- Approach to Scary, Subtle and Unusual Neurological Symptoms and Headaches
at the 150th Michigan State Medical Society Foundation’s Annual Scientific Meeting this October 20-24, 2015

Watch "Life and Migraine" for free on your computer, tablet or smartphone!

See the award-winning documentary we made for PBS. The film is intended to increase awareness of migraine and to empower sufferers. It helps nonheadache people, like spouses and employers, to better understand what it is like to get such severe headaches. See more about it on the IMDB page.


Click here to watch the movie (26 minutes) (the password is "migraine")


Michigan Headache Clinic in the Movies!

Click here for more information about our role in award winning, internationally screened movies and documentaries about headache problems.

How to manage stress and headaches with autorelaxation techniques.

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